Why use bicycle for transportation?

Why use bicycle for transportation?

Nearly billion of people nowadays own a bicycle at home professional or not and they use it for different purposes. Cycling as a sport is the most popular purpose for riding bikes, then there are recreational use of bicycles, health reasons such as rehabilitation from different injuries of knees and legs, losing weight and getting fit or just for fun and enjoying different nature landscapes but in the early days its original purpose was to transport people.dd1 That is only purpose they have been used for until appearance of the cars and other motor vehicles, then came the time people forgot about bicycles and the number of people who used it dropped. Nowadays when people are aware of negative consequences of using gas – powered vehicles and inactive lifestyle interest in cycling grows more and more with each day.

When compared with gas-powered and other polluting vehicles, bicycles have significant number of advantages over them. Here are a few reasons to leave your car in the garage and travel everywhere by bike:

      1. As I already mentioned bicycles cause no pollution which is very important now when the climate is changing everywhere around the Globe. They don’t have exhaust pipes which emit gasses in the atmosphere and contribute to Global Warming that is the most important problem of our world today therefore using a bike you help your environment to stay clean and future generations to have a chance to live on this amazing Earth the way it is today.
      2. dd3When you have to buy vehicle that will serve you for transporting you have a lot of choices. The cheapest and the smartest choice is of course a bicycle. Bicycles are affordable to anyone and you won’t have to spend your money on fueling them and cost of repairs are significantly lower than for other kinds of motor vehicles.
      3. Bicycles can be faster and more efficient than an automobile especially if you live in a big city that often has traffic jams. Bicycle tracks can make your ride faster and safer. You will probably regret that you sat in your car when you are caught in a traffic jam and then you see cyclist passing by casually.
      4. Cycling can make you lose weight and improve your health overall, so while you are traveling somewhere you are also exercising, that means you can have two or even more benefits all in one operation. Riding a bicycle with your friends, while you are traveling somewhere can be fun and it can make you feel good also.
      5. Not all people have driver’s licenses for automobiles and not anyone can get them either, if this is your case than a right thing to do is buy bicycle and enjoy your traveling. Tests for getting a driver’s licenses are not that easy and for riding your car you don’t need one, you can just learn to drive one yourself if you don’t know how.

If you already have a car, you should leave it in a garage and use bicycle, if not for environment sake than for your health.

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Which type of bicycle is the right for you?

Which type of bicycle is the right for you?

The first two – wheeled, human – powered vehicle was so called ‘draisine’ or ‘velocipede’ was designed by Baron Karl von Drais in 1817. ‘Draisine’ got its name from journalists from that time and it was called like that because of its inventors last name as you can conclude from the above. old1The most common type of the so called velocipede is the bicycle but it isn’t the only one, there are also different types of monowheels, dicycles, unicycles, tricycles or quadracycles. When first bicycles with pedals appeared they were named Bone – shakers because of the uncomfortable ride they provided, it was made of iron frame, iron tires and wooden wheels. The term we use today to describe two wheeled vehicle is a bicycle and it was coined in France around 1860. Since these vehicles were very uncomfortable and dangerous to ride in 1880s and 1890s appeared so called safety bicycles which were designed different so that everyone could ride them, women especially. This was the time when bicycles were used for transportation and sport as well. Appearance of the modern BMX and mountain bikes in the 1970s and 1980s completely changed the look and the purpose of riding bikes they were used mainly for sport competitions.

Types of bicycles today are numerous and if you are searching for the right one, you must ask yourself first for what purpose will you use it? Will you ride with some friend or family members? Because if you are then you have to buy similar bikes so that you don’t lag behind them. What type of riding will you do? Will you go racing or touring? Since it is impossible to describe every type of a modern bicycle, here are few that you might like.

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  • Road bikes are designed for fast riding on a smooth pavement, they have thin tires and ‘drop’ handles, they are lighter than other kinds of bicycles and some might find it uncomfortable.
  • Touring bikes are type of road bicycles and they are also designed to be ridden on a smooth pavement but they are more suitable for long-distance races or tours and unlike road bicycles they are capable for carrying heavy loads.


  • Mountain bikes are designed for off-road trails and they often have some type of suspension or shock absorber. There are a few different types of mountain bikes according to what suspension they have front, rear, both or no suspension at all.
  • Cruiser bikes are designed for casual rides and they are much more comfortable than any other kind, if you don’t want to use your bike for racing or touring this is the right kind for you. They come in wide range of color and are very popular today.
  • Similar to cruiser bikes are so called Hybrid bicycles that are also designed for casual ride and they own advantages of both road and mountain bikes.
  • You can’t simply talk about bicycles and not mention BMX’s, they are the most interesting for kids because of their small size, but adults ride them too. I’m sure you had your BMX when you were a little kid, but if the stunt and trick riding is what impresses you it is the right choice for you.
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Cycling long distances

Cycling long distances

While we were children, we usually hung out outside. Running, playing, doing sports, and other kinds of physical activity. As we grow older we lose that physical activity more and more and that is a big problem. We get used to motorized vehicles like motorcycles and automobiles and practice no exercise whatsoever.
If you feel this way and want to introduce some exercise to your life, then maybe cycling is the right way to go.
Cycling is a hobby many people practice and its great in so many ways. ld3First of all it’s very healthy and no matter how you cycle, whether you use it for transportation, sports or simply enjoy it, you will get your doze of exercise. Second, if you are a person who likes adventures and exploring new places, this one is perfect for you.
Now, before you start, you should choose the right equipment first, as well as your bike. If you plan to travel long distances, don’t pick the mountain bike of course.
You will probably be able to find all the cycling equipment you need in just one shop, but don’t tempted to buy everything for your bike right away, for beginning you won’t be needing GPS,ld2 heavy winter gear and a computer.. When you get more skilled and maybe find it useful, buy it then. Helmet is the most important part as it is usually the only thing that will protect you in case of an emergency, and in regard to cloths, always buy something lightweight with breathable fabric.

In order to be able to cycle those long distances from your home, you will need some preparation of course. If you’re a beginner and can’t ride for too long, don’t give up, don’t quit, it gets better. It doesn’t matter how much you can cross now because every five days of cycling will increase the distance you will be able to travel, in no time you will be able to ride fifty miles and more.

Now, in order to train for your big tour you should buy something to keep track of the distance you crossed, something as simple as cyclometer. Before you start cycling, you should go and mark spots every two and a half miles as a resting site, where you will stop, drink some water, relax. After you’ve passed this limit, do the same just with the five mile notes. You shouldn’t rest for more than ten minutes on every spot.
Very important thing is to adjust your bike perfectly and do a thorough inspection. Once you’ve done that, put on your helmet and go to the first resting spot, see how you feel and decide if you need to turn back. Don’t force yourself too much.
There are many things you will practice when you get more skilled, for example, adjusting your bicycle to fit your body, and many more small things to help you while cycling, but they all take time to learn. So relax, take your time and enjoy the ride.

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Cycling and its recreational benefits

Cycling and its recreational benefits

Since the 19th century when bicycles were designed people used them for various activities, nowadays sport competitions and races are the main reason for using bicycles but lately a big number of people tends to change their unhealthy way of life and improve their health that is why they choose riding bikes. Cycling can be not only fun thing to do when you have spare time but also make you healthier and happier. Physical activity in general can improve your health and make your mood steady but when cycling you can also have fun and it is a form of transport, so whenever you want to go somewhere grab your bike and you can travel and exercise at the same time.b3 People usually use cars for traveling or even going to the nearest shop, that is why they forget that physical activity is important for your health and also the health of the environment. Lately people are more and more interested in this way of transport because it does not pollute the environment and it can have multiple benefits for your body.

Cycling is starting to develop as a family recreational activity, families these days find it amazing because they can help their members to feel closer, get friendly and healthy at the same time. Of course its way better for you if you want to go cycling just for recreational purposes to go to some kind of forest, parks, mountains or similar places because of fresh air and the nature that will surround you which will make your cycling more pleasant.

b2Maybe the most interesting fact about cycling is that it is so easy to start exercising, all you have to do is use bicycle when you have to go somewhere and when you start it will probably become your habit. Recreational benefits of cycling are numerous and they are all very important.

People nowadays are often stressed and nervous because of all the different reasons, work, money and other problems by going cycling you can get relieved of that stress and make better decisions later.

Cycling can also help you lose weight which is awesome opportunity for overweight people to make their lives healthier, get fit and increase their self esteem which will surely make their lives happier in every aspect. Your social life will improve, your health will too, what more could you ask for.

Unhealthy lifestyle often leads to some very serious diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, diabetes and even cancer, with recreational cycling you can lower the chances of getting these diseases.

Depression is the mental illness that is very common nowadays, if you go biking with your friend or some cycling group you can even get passed it, live happier and make new friendships, just try it and you will already feel better.

Fresh air that you get when you go cycling is better for cleaning your skin pores than a sauna, and it is sure better to use your body muscles than to sit all day.

Riding a bicycle as we see can improve quality of your life in general, so take your bike and enjoy.

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Cycling as a sport

Cycling as a sport

When you say cycling you will instantly think about two wheeled machine but that term includes riding unicycles, tricycles too, aside from riding a bike. Since the 19th century when bicycles were invented, bicycling or if you prefer terms ‘biking’ or ‘cycling’ was very popular way for traveling, recreation, exercising and so on. In the early days only wealthy people could afford having a bicycle but now anyone can afford them and enjoy riding them. Nowadays when main purpose for cycling is sport and numerous competitions professional cyclists have to pay a little bit more money for their professional bikes and equipment that goes with it.

crFirst documented bicycling race was held in 1868 in Paris and it was a 1200 metre race. The winner of this race was James Moore who also won in the first cycling race between two cities Paris and Rouen who finished his race in 10 hours and 40 minutes.

As you probably already know there are two kind of cycling as a sport – racing cycling sport and so called ‘non – racing’ cycling. These days there are several types of cycling races such as road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, mountain – bike racing, BMX, cycle speedway and others. Non – racing types include artistic cycling, mountain bike trials, freestyle BMX and many many more.

Cycling is now an Olympic sport and it is most popular in the countries of Europe such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and others. Outside the Europe this sport is popular in the United States and Australia.Tour-de-France

Road cycling is the most popular type of a racing bicycle sport. First example that comes into your mind when you are talking about road cycling is surely Tour de France which is the cycling competition everybody heard of even if they aren’t interested in cycling. Road cycling includes both individual and group competitions. Some of these races can last one day only while some of them can last for three weeks like Tour de France or Giro d’Italia last. Some of multi-day race competitions are Tour de Swiss and Tour de California. Classics races are the ones that last only for one day such as Milan-San Remo and Lotoja (USA).

Cyclo-cross emerged from road cycling and it was a chance for road cyclists to exercise and prepare themselves for road cycling races during winter and autumn because road cycling is usually organized during spring and summer.

Cycle speedway is also a type of racing cycling sport and it is held on short outdoor dirty tracks up to 90 meters long.

Non racing bicycle competitions are surely fun thing to watch but are not so easy to deal with. Mountain bike trial is a subgroup or a discipline emerged from motorcycle trials. This kind of sport requires extreme and outstanding bicycle handling skill over various types of obstacles man – made or naturalbmx. Freestyle BMX is one more type of the so called non racing competition and it includes extreme stunt riding of BMX bikes. BMX bikes are one of the most popular brand of bicycles and they are used for both racing and stunt cycling competitions.

If you think stunt cycling is for you remember to be careful and enjoy your ride!

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Cycling as a hobby

Cycling as a hobby

Everybody gets bored once in a while. No matter if you are young or old, if you have nothing to do, you will feel bored and empty inside. That’s why people have hobbies.
Hobby can be anything.. Collecting mark stamps, building furniture from wood, taking care of you potted plants and many, many more. Whatever you find fun and enjoyable to do, that doesn’t involve you making a living out of it, is a hobby.
One of the hobbies people like to practice is Cycling. Cycling can be enjoyed by almost anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. There are different kinds of cycling, some people enjoy an adrenaline rush while riding down the hill on a dirt road, while others simply like the open road and the exploration of the unknown. Either way, it’s a very nice hobby to practice, it is entertaining, relaxing and most of all the exercise is good for your health.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Cycling, also called bicycling is a very good way to get around town. People use bicycles either for transportation, as a hobby or to practice it as a sport. Not only is it very efficient, it generally isn’t that costly and no matter how you use it, you will be exercising while saving money. There is a saying ”a car runs on money and makes you fat, while bicycles run on fat and save you money”.
If you like to tour the country with a bike, rather than just go a few dozen kilometers around the town, here are a few tips.
In order to feel lighter while cycling, carry a small bottle of concentrated detergent that can substitute all other products for your soap needs. One universal detergent that will be used for cleaning dishes, clothes, and even yourself.

If you have enough money to stay the night in a hotel or campground, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can use outdoor fountain, sink, stream or your bike bottle to wash yourself completely.
While cycling a very good way to defend yourself from bugs flying in your eyes, and the bright car headlights in the night, is to adjust your cycling cap so that it keeps the flow of air out of your eyes. Additionally, if you ride during the day, it will keep the sun away.
One great tip that helped me a lot is, when you go around downhill bends, apply brakes lightly. This will allow you to turn faster as some of the friction will be maintained going around the bend, and if you need to make an emergency brake, you will do it a lot faster.
A good thing to have in your repair kit is a toothpick. It can be used to make a hole so you don’t lose sight of the tire leak. And also its great for poking holes in the glue tube.bikecamp
Long bike rides and tours are not that easy to do, so if you’re a beginner cyclist, don’t force yourself too much. Take some small tours around town first and take it from there.

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